Thursday, March 17, 2011

Culture Studies

What is the explanation for what has happened in the American street? -or, so-called "public space"? The streets are quiet in Chicago. It is sort of like nobody is home. (Are they following the money? In Chicago, I seem to be noticing the rappers, poor ones I mean, second-rate rappers, who "take over" subway stations. No one's home.) I miss the police? Not hardly.
But what I am sayin' is that nobody is home. The people police themselves it would appear. Right. If the gov't don't do it...

What is missing is order. ("Order" not a popular subject? Well why not?)

Government is tired. And it is unusually broke --- if you believe the propaganda out of the Republicans sitting on Wisconsin's face. money for government, hence no one watching public space (they say Wisconsin is broke---supposedly---that's what they say, OK?)

It is not that I am in favor of authority, exactly. No, because I am actually kind of more like a hippie, or rebel, myself. I am like that. So, I tend to think of authority as suspect. That is my usual thinking since I'm like a hippie or a Leftist ---more likely what you would technically call a "critic," since I like to problematize. Even (trackback time: see that other entry: yesterday's) when I don't know what I am probleming about. (-or, with two "m"s = "lemming")

So, I have no "histo" of liking authority. I am just wondering where in hell they Are...
(accentuate last word like in a poem, spoken by one dem poets)

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