Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Five Minute Rush BLog!!!!

No one is really thinking. They give the bar a particular name. It's a small bar. The name is "Pony."

In what ever situation ou are, you have to find some way of tolerating it. The atmosphere outside, on the street, is no better, or worse, than the atmosphere of a bar with loud music and various other features like waitresses, other male as well as female persons and drink.

I also bought a book ---- I was attracted to a book I saw being sold at the ordinary chain bookstore. It was about Cubas. The author was also in Mexico, where the author of the book received a visa. that was for the USA. Thus arrives the author in the U. S. (towards the end of the narrative of the book). My idea is that the U. S. is the style, the go-to place. But I wonder if this is not just preference for the U. S. over Mexico ---- and over Cuba.
Today, ove rten years after this book was published, I wonder what the Cuban author believes. Are these just preferences? The author of the book has tremendous hope, when he comes to Amer'ca. He calls the U. S. at one point in the text, the "cradle of democracy." Actually that is one total cliche: that's the biggest cliche "in the book..."

[redacted from notes in record time!!!)

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