Friday, March 4, 2011

Attack With No Warning

SF Gate -(03-04) 06:18 PST Madison, Wis. (AP) --

A Wisconsin state lawmaker has been tackled by police as he tried to enter the state Capitol that is closed to the public. {I would have said, "as he tried to enter a closed state capitol", but what do I know?, I'm only a blogger. b.t.w. the ital's and bold is my attempt at creativity, guys}

Democratic Representative Nick Milroy of South Range in northwestern Wisconsin was trying to retrieve some clothes from his office in the Capitol Thursday night. Video from WISN-TV shows police officers pulling him away from a revolving door and tackling him to the ground before he is able to show his ID.

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What'd I tell you?
The unfortunate tackling incident came maybe right after I left. Maybe happened after I'd gone home to write yesterday's blogpost at the hospitality center. Things have changed...Protesters apparently expelled last night or early morning. Around the time I was reporting on it or writing yesterday's blog. (Oh I still hate that word.)

The police officers whose nature and behaviour has been revealed (I mean in my last posting) jumped into their version of "action." Is their version of "action" the same as the protesters' version of "action"? The police are unaware of any of the issues involved in the matter. Their only "action" is simply VIOLENCE. But yesterday we talked about "fighting." Interesting to think about the distinction between "violence" and "fighting."
Here below I created a collage of some stuff I copied with my mouse friend.

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...............Wis. Republicans order police to find Dems

+41 bullets

---------------(from TMJ4) MADISON - For the first time in more than two weeks, the inside of the Capitol building was empty of protesters during the early morning on Friday.

(informational link from WS4)

This bill limits the right to collectively bargain for all
employees who are not public safety employees (general employees) to the subject of base wages. In addition, unless a referendum authorizes a greater increase, any
general employee who is part of a collective bargaining unit is limited to bargaining over a percentage of total base wages increase that is no greater than the percentage change in the
consumer price index.

[everything above - 4 things actually - came off out of a quick survey or search or whatever of the internet]

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