Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Silly, ridiculous society w/ nowhere to go. Chicago
No Community center – Starbucks and Panera only!
What a wonderful world we live in. All these fantastic skyscrapers. All these persons -- this "people" -- all the group does is make money together. Cliches about "the economy" abound

beamed over airwaves and cluttering newspapers' financial sections
and sectors as internet websites establish new vectors and entrepreneurs emanate business ventures

Everybody knows this is the Americans' main activity. Half spend their time focusing on money as if it existed in isolation from other factors. The other half spend their time trying to fix the damage done by the first half. Never mess up your next door neighbor’s lawn.

You can't protest. Don't give me that. I don't believe it.

All anyone is allowed to do is m*ke m*ney

You can also SAVE.

The consumers “save” money. The producers and entrepreneurs earn profits: all this at the same moment, the same time. But the question is that of "how does the magical wheel keep turning"? Everyone engages in good behavior, that's how. We make money together, in this community, and this way everyone is happy. This is the great American secret. (sparklers shooting out fire and sparks from ends of the spokes of the wheel)

Textile, railroads, automobiles, computers, and finally social networking.

Farmers, craftsmen, soldiers, postal workers, software programmers. Do you see a pattern here? It’s about change. Switch occupations. Create a new product.

Everything keeps changing but there's something about people; people never change.

They always want the same thing and the thing they want is peace. They always want to be free from tension, from suffering.

And, one day, they created capitalism. Capitalism means constant change.

We create wars, and change; action, and reaction; savings, and profit; air pollution, and emissions trading.

I can say R.I.P, but RIP has two meanings: the spooky, malicious, abbreviated Halloween meaning and the sober, serious, spiritual meaning, not an acronym but an idea, a total idea.

the idea mankind forgets in its mad scramble for the magic of capitalism and constant change. our lust for excuses and evasions. make another excuse and sneak off to the bank to make another deal

The magic of the Woodsman in the Forest—that’s the fable, the real magic. The magic of the magic marker as commercial product. That’s the capitalistic kind of magic: the magic of ideas.

But Marx was wrong when he thought the material element more important than the cultural one. He had it all very neatly arranged: “material” vs. “Idea.” He was wrong. Times have changed, and they are equally important now, equal in shaping the way we think, and the way things are.

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