Thursday, March 3, 2011

good King; bad king.

NEWSManama, Bahrain (CNN) -- A day after thousands of joyous Bahrainis retook a major square in the heart of the island nation's capital, seven opposition groups met in Bahrain to consider their next steps after an appeal from Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad al Khalifa for a national dialogue.

As the parties tried to coordinate a common position and dusk fell Sunday, thousands of people continued to camp out at the Pearl Roundabout -- many vowing to continue their sit-in until political reforms and other concessions are promised.

The number of people increased in the late afternoon, but the atmosphere remained relaxed. The security forces had left the area Saturday on the instructions of the crown prince.

Apparently, all it takes is one smart person, a good king. If you get a good king instead of a bad one -- you are lucky. A good king, in this case, is one who says: "OK I'll quit being king." So if the people ask you to stop being king a good king says yes; and a bad king no.

Be very careful or you are going to get what you wish for. If all the good kings stepped down there would be only bad kings.

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  1. Which makes zero sense, actually.
    OK - societies what produce sucky kings ought to develop capitalism plus democracy. Then things will be more copascetic; in laymen's terms: everything will be alright. But I'll keep working on this one...I promise.