Wednesday, April 4, 2012


In trying to get readers for myself, for this  blog, I am thinking t'would be best ta provide other texts for you the reading public.
                                          A Text For You My Dear Readers

    Narcissism, a trait considered obnoxious in most circumstances, actually pays off big-time in the short-term context of a job interview, according to a new study to be published in the Journal of Applied Social Psychology.
Narcissists scored much higher in simulated job interviews than non-narcissists, researchers found. They pointed to narcissists' innate tendency to promote themselves, in part by engaging and speaking at length, which implied confidence and expertise even when they were held to account by expert interviewers.
"This is one setting where it's OK to say nice things about yourself and there are no ramifications. In fact, it's expected," 

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