Wednesday, April 11, 2012

April 11th, 2012

Police pepper spray students at a UC Davis demonstration on Friday, November 18. (Screengrab: asucd – Click here for video)
The police violence that has taken place at the University of California campuses at Berkeley and Davis does more than border on pure thuggery; it also reveals a display of force that is as unnecessary as it is brutal, and it is impossible to justify. These young people are being beaten on their campuses for simply displaying the courage to protest a system that has robbed them of both a quality education and a viable future.
(The content reproduced above was captured by Google search: chicago intellectuals):

Look at the lack of expression, the passivity. This is the second photo I have seen that is like that. Notice the completely passive nature of the law enforcement officer doing the spraying. I think Henry A. Giroux is correct to say it is bordering on, or beyond bordering on, thuggery. It is the purest possible expression of total state violence. "Fascism" is too good a word for this. This is the one thing there should be no place for in this world.

     Did the police officer try talking with the students before he sprayed? Was there any attempt to set up a dialogue? At this point I do not even want a dialogue. These are not sane persons. They are debased. They are law enforcement officers from hell. They are the monsters of the world; they are beneath what we should properly call human beings. You already know whatever they say will be a lie. But actually, something like a dialogue is just what needs to happen with these law enforcement officers. That is the only thing to do. Someone needs to talk to them, before it is too late. There needs to be a national program to communicate with the nation's police departments.

     Knowing Obama, that is the last thing on his mind.

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