Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meaning, Part Two (see April 12)

The real meaning of any text is necessarily concealed.
     In the real sense, there is, as I said before (and that is itself means nothing, but I did say it)       

no absolute order to things.
     But we create an order through culture and language. Walter Benjamin seems to say that it is "overdetermined." So, nix that —we don't create an order through culture and language. The order that we provisionally create does not reside anywhere.  It has no fixed abode, that is to say.
     I note that Susan Cain, in "Quiet, the Power of...[bla bla bla]", speaks (or writes?) of a person that "wears lamp shades at parties." Now hold on, Susan. I cannot figure that one out. Is that an extrovert showing off at a party, or is that an introvert hiding at that party? In this case, the reader examine the context, for clues. We do not understand how we know, we just know!
     Either in the qualities of language, or somewhere else in the general lived experience, we get that; we take away that, this person (under the shade!) is an extrovert!

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