Monday, April 9, 2012

April 09, 2012

I re-write a January N.Y.Times article below:
41 years have passed since the end of the great black migration; and since housing legislation enacting racial fairness was passed. Segregation is not so popular anymore. In fact, the whole trend seems to have reversed. Southerners of the 50's who once warned against "mongrelization" have now seen their concerns thrown out with the bathwater, and, it's a new day.

     Hey, black and white are definitely both in the mix nowadays. And there's no more "mongrelization" debate in the South, because it's a mixed state of being now.

     The ones who remain segregated are persons like Osama bin Laden, and Donald Trump. They are rich enough to create their own reality. You know ---- in those gated communities? That is where you can have a privately-created lifestyle, but a privately created lifestyle has nothing to do with the public reality. It has nothing to do with being in a capitalistic market, either, nor with democracy, nor culture. Not to mention reality, which I already did.

     Yes, I believe I did. Blacks are movin' South. Everything, it would appear, "goes better with" whites and Coke.

(this is my rewrite of an article from the N.Y. Times, p. A13, Jan. 31. It seems to be a combination of the old "teletype-style" like the classic newspaper gossip columnist, and the style of Paul Harvey. So, have a nice day.)

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