Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Subaltern Reality

                                                    IN the morning

In the morning just after awakening it is perfectly possible that 
I notice that large portions of our lives are subaltern,
completely off any linguistic map 
and of course I am using language to say this 
but that’s exactly why it is so tenuous of a project 
and only occurs just after awakening.

     There are, obviously, alternative versions of reality. In the morning we are transitioning from one state to another state: from the hallucinations of sleep (politely called the dreams) into a state that is of a more mundane sort. And handy, predictable, and boring. But this new state is that of existence

where social codes carefully followed can land one a job in the “private sector” and this proves ones daily butter or bread or something like that. 

         ...but for just one moment 
in the morning you can see for 
a few minutes the other side...
And on that side there may be many areas you could digress to but do not

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