Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"For weeks after Trayvon was killed, authorities refused to arrest Zimmerman. We couldn't believe that in 2012, public officials would turn a blind eye to our son's killing. We couldn't let that happen."

From: "Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton
7:21 PM (1 hour ago)"

To: my email Inbox.
There are, as Chomsky would say, some things to be said here. What persons such as Trayvon's parents seem to believe is that something must have gotten better due to all of the great fantastic human rights movements. "We couldn't believe" that it would happen in "2012". Well, my guess is that "2012" is a special number. It must be, because things like what just happened to this 17-yr old man are not "supposed" to happen today, because the world is "supposed" to be such a peachy keen place, what with all the progress we have made. We have made such progress. Haven't we?
     What does all the activism have to do with it anyway? If activism is the point, or the fulcrum upon which everything hinges, what do you do if it already happened, despite years of activism? - But, since it did, happen activism, is, still, the answer. What they are saying in these messages is that this even "should" not have happened. Because of all the progress the world has supposedly made, it should not have happened, and so we have the right to ask where activism messed up. And because this is America. Did Trayvon's parents ever check to see how many persons die from causes related to malnourishment in other countries every year? Did Trayvon's parents ever care about those people? These kinds of expectations, or this kind of expectation, is pretty much par for the course. But, why is 2012 "supposed to be" a bad year for violence.
     On my last posting I published the photo of a man intentionally spraying pepper spray on another man, also an unarmed person; I think so. Because that violence was initiated by government, that violence will never cause action in a court of law. This is the world we live in. No one will ever be charged with a crime for what I posted in a photo. It doesn't matter that there are several other pictures of these acts being performed by law enforcement officers, casually committing violence, and presumably acting on orders from their higher-ups.  And is not likely to have a campaign about police brutality. That, as an issue, never seems to take off. And what about Latino persons? How many Latino persons do you think have had similar injustice done to them? How many this year, even, who never uttered a peep? In the 1930s, the head of state of Germany told his subjects, "round up the Jews." They did it. But some kind of progress has occurred, right? Why do you think so? Why do we assume that some kind of fundamental progress has taken place? Isn't that kind of weak and cowardly? You just need to believe that? I guess I used to believe it, too. Come to think on it.
     Trayvon was supposed to have got a better life because he was American and the left promised him that racism would go away because of the left's superpowers. This is the level of hope that is going on at bottom. The left? They have gotten a lot of publicity, they are articulate, and they told us we have got a better world, due to their superpowers. We do not have a better world. We have a worse world. Something special is supposed to happen, for Trayvon. That's the idea, the delusion. He is supposed to live in a better world or this is supposed to be a better world than that or something. But he didn't have a better world, he had the same old world, the same old world we have had for a hundred thousand years.
     Darn. Why isn't it easier to change things? You mean won't change things either? You mean the left actually failed?

     We have this idea that something like this is not supposed to be happening. Not "in 2012."
     The human race is what it is and they haven't changed.
     It never got better. The left never delivered. There wasn't a breakthrough. The revolution never happened.
     The human race didn't wake up and fix itself.

     It never happened. Nothing did.

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