Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Culture and Capitalism, via Jackie Zehner

republished from a letter or blogpost published on <epicureandealmaker.blogspot.com>:

I also heard business leaders fight passionately for their people who were amazing positive culture carriers and less strong commercially. These same leaders fought against promoting the commercial animal/jerks and often won. That made me happy. For both categories of people, there was frequently a fight and the more powerful leaders’ candidate often won. Not surprisingly, partners who were great culture carriers generally had people working for them who were as well and vice versa. What made the firm GREAT for so long is that one held the other in check. You need people who are very commercial but they cannot dominate or you risk the outcome that Mr. Smith described.

It is from someone, Zehner, who worked at Goldman Sachs, and left GS in 2002.

This confirms my theories about culture and capitalism.

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  1. Well, I suppose "tends to confirm" would be better there....sorry, I am a bit lacking in the area of my formal education-NOT. My theory, b.t.w., is that capitalism, which has cultural aspects as well as social ramifications and not simple "private gain" and not simply personal or individualistic or "competitive" (whatever this last one actually means) is always composed of two sides: the fraudulent side and the honest side which is to say it is a hybrid system. In many other ways as well, capitlaism is an informal hybrid system.