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fb came out of the ordinary workings of human beings, which is to say the business community. Fb comes from business. Yet the founder, Zuckerberg, lived, at the time of fb's creation, in a milieu, and not a business mileu but rather that of Harvard.

Out of that milieu he created not a public institution like a Harvard, but business, like a business...

Business is our most basic, most characteristic (social) institution. That's the fact. FB came out of the ordinary workings of human beings, which, in our, as stated is the business community. Our ordinary life is our economic life, and FB comes from, or is rooted in, real life and part of that is business. Yet at the time of fb's origination or its founding, founder Zuckerberg lived in another kind of mileu, not necessarily the business world. He was, of course, at Harvard, and I think it is alright to say that that is not the business world, not exactly. Why? Well, Harvard is a sort of educational institution, isn't it? And that is different. For example, they get a lot of their money from endowments. Businesses do not get charity money coming in regularly. So, the distinction is probably valid. We don't think of Harvard as being a business. It is associated with education, and any small profit it might happen to achieve is not  the main point, is it? 

So, it is out of the mileu of an educational institution, not a business, that he created a business. Which is another sort of thing, not an educational sort of thing. Instead, Zuck created a for-profit kind of thing.
     He created a different kind of thing from a university.
     This is what is worth noting: that it was at a mileau of the first kind where he had the wit, nerve, or verve to start a thing that we think of as belonging to the mileau of the second kind. 

And today, he goes "public."  Whatever that means.

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