Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How Is That A "Wall"? (Governors Moderate)

I saw the report this morning in the New York Times. The governors are moderating, moderating their extremism, this applies across the board, in general to any and all recent right-wing anti-public union extremism, etc. All of it. I think I know why. I think I get it. The governors are moderating because they saw what happened in Wisconsin.
     The protests in Madison Wisc. have turned the entire nation around. They've got the guv "up against the wall." You might say so?
     What wall, though? How do we gloss that word? Well, the wall past which you can't escape, when you are running backward from an angry mob. You can't escape anymore, Scott. You cannot escape from yourself, and not from all of those angry hippie progressives blocking your escape. I guess that would be what the wall is. Self and other both, and, in some sense, it's the wall of the real world. The activists were needed to push him up against reality. And yet they are reality. (see /2012/03/simone-de-beauvoir-1948.html It's a little complicated.)

     Politics needs to be grounded in reality. The terrible events of the modern era have come from too many persons saying "I have a dream." Stop dreaming.

     Let's stop crashing million-dollar drone aircraft into foreign villagers. Into villagers who live on two dollars a day. Let's stop fantasizing, and thinking ahead of ourselves.
     Stop thinking that you can solve every problem by spending. Spending too much, or too little.

     Let us bring our thinking down to earth, instead.

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