Monday, February 13, 2012

Santorum investigation

Finished Santorum’s piece on foreign policy, regarding Iran, Cuba and the Muslim countries. Most striking is Santorum’s strong belief in freedom.
     Although most Americans have strong feelings as regards this word or this concept, this guy is particularly clear-cut. In fact, a website, referenced at the bottom of the page on which this piece is found, is called “Real Clear World.” So, an especially strong emphasis on clarity exists here.
     For example. "Some wonder why conservatives like me have such a problem with the oppressive Castro regime of the relatively tiny Island nation of Cuba. We do because we believe in freedom and don't like the stink of oppression next door.” This is, to be sure, an example of clarity.
     I admire the clarity. I do not know whether he is completely right about Cuba, as I do not have enough information. I personally think that as far as “stink of oppression” there is also the stink of oppression right here in the U.S. It just depends where you look. If freedom means being on top, I suppose Cuba is less free, because they are not on top. They are a “tiny island.” I think Santorum probably wants Cuba to remain unfree. Santorum likes it that way. It gives him the opportunity for clarity.
     But it is hard to be a politician, and I am not necessarily saying I don’t like Santorum or his clarity. I really am not saying I necessarily do not like Santorum. I'm open for anybody, at this point. He is not running for the presidency of Cuba; he is running for the presidency of America. He seems like a very American type guy. Very straight-arrow. Rick Santorum does not like oppression. He likes freedom. OK, that makes sense. But he also does not favor Obama as president of the United States. Why not----if America is the land of freedom? The Americans elected him, didn't they? He does think America is the land of freedom.  For Santorum, Obama would be powerless. This is so. Why do I come to this conclusion? Well, according to my line of thought, it seems to be because it is impossible for him to envision an America that is not free. Freedom is an inherent characteristic of America. What could Obama do to change this?
     OK. Then what is his basic problem with Obama if Obama is America and America is perfect and free? How could Santorum have a problem with and elected president? America is perfect. How could Obama change that? How would he ever have gotten elected?
     “America” and “freedom” are synonymous, in this view imbued with clarity.
      So, again, what difference would Obama make, except if Obama is unAmerican? What difference could tiny Obama make? He is just a little half-black speck. America is good, always. So if Santorum really believed in American, Obama would be powerless, in the face of such freedom! Santorum or no Santorum. Hmmmm...
     Santorum seems to not only like clarity. It seems to be his only value. So, for tiny little Rick Santorum, who could not himself make much of a difference in that clarity, it’s a “Real Clear World.” But maybe tiny little Rick Santorum doesn't see himself as tiny. Wait. Maybe Santorum doesn't wanna be tiny. Maybe he wants to be a big shot, wants to get power. Powah. Steal it from Obamah.
     But, still, I like the clarity thing. Maybe we need a little more clarity.
     I disagree with Santorum about most things, but he is clear. I want to be clear about that.

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