Saturday, February 25, 2012

Human rights from a marketing perspective (instant style)


Sale: Human rights tees for $9
(Do you see any irony? Check this one out, too.)
So: what I'm getting about this is that Amnesty International, the seller, does not see anything funny about the fact that there could be a "market price" (or any "price") for human rights. They are having a "sale" on a Human rights tee. I don't see why that is not humorous but, to them, there is nothing there that is funny? I think it is an ominous indication. I think it is an indication of what kind of persons they are. I certainly would not want to put my human rights solely in the hands of Amnesty International. It also might be pointed out that one tends to get the impression that this group has the monopoly on fighting for human rights.
     Which does not make any sense. And which is ominous.

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