Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Model Essay (example 1)

Explain(-nation): picked up a book at big city library.PE 1478 .M35 This being "How to Write Themes and Essays." checked it out fr. library. turned out to be for students, which I didn't get at first from the title. reminds me of the on-line English course I took from Indiana University. inspired once again, by my contact with this pedagogical material, to write accordingly. the ModEl eSsay. to wit:

     There is no way to get human beings to behave any better. Humans are humans and tangled. No one can tell a human being to be a different type of person. What if I were to try to tell a person: "you go be a different kind of human being"? You cannot, for example, tell an insincere person, "you should be more sincere." He won't listen. Who are you to tell him that? In the same way, you cannot force complicated adjustments upon the human race. The human race is already so complicated. If you keep telling people to change, what are you going to do? You are going to muddy up the waters; you are no longer able to see; and you will create all kinds of ramifications. You will not serve your own stated purpose.
     No one should try to control society; it isn't like turning a knob on a prefigured mechanical device. Humans should be appreciated; first you appreciate, you don't fiddle.
     Governments try to manipulate human beings, and they try to create programs to make a world, a world that they envision. Which is what they are paid for. After all the superstar amongst political leaders is the "visionary."
     Why does this not work more often? Well. It is because - in a word, you people are sneaky. If you fiddle with a typical sneaky one all you are going to get is an expanded more psychedelic disaster. Oops. 
     I am trying to be realistic.  The idea of "creating better people" is just an idea. Just one amongst many. Schemes of this sort - which are just ideas - should be judiciously evaluated, and, as for people, if you first of all appreciate them you may also appreciate how difficult it is to find the "knob" to turn, that changes them!
     Finally, of course this may be clicked into the "conservative" classification by some, but, I am not trying to be conservative: I am trying to be realistic.


  1. Well, at first read this depressed me, I must admit. I certainly do regularly encounter many such varieties of sincere and insincere, sneaky and open. People are bent certain ways for sure. But do you mean that people shouldn't be changed by outside entities or that people shouldn't be encouraged to change for the better from the inside too? I know I myself would like to overcome certain weaknesses and I'd sure appreciate it if people around me would work that way too. Politics are another question of course...

  2. Conservatives ARE more realistic than liberals (by definition idealistic) who try to create better people through social engineering. Welcome to the "I was once a liberal" club!!!! :-)