Monday, February 20, 2012

Defender of Um----Greece, that's right!

Germany bears responsibility for being inferior species-members not to mention that it was their own damn fault for having made bad loans to Greece. But then Germany has a certain history of screwing up. Let's face it. 
     Germany did not have to make the loans. What I am basically thinking here is that the Germans made the loans, so there they go. Again Germans are making trouble in the world -  and this is only one part. Perhaps making bad loans is what some inferior, dumbass Germans do, under certain conditions. And now they are being real stubborn about getting their money back.

     I am thinking about the 30s and 40s, you know. So are some of the Greek public, according to reports. This is according to reports that I read. During those years, Germans did some bad things. I don't think anyone will contest that. They did worse things than anybody even thought the human race was capable of. 
     So Germans have some responsibility, too. That's what I have to say. So sue me. Or gas me. The modern way?

In 1920, says Ahamad, in his book (Lords of Finance) collecting Russia's debt looked unlikely. The Russians had just had a revolution. Collection, the book seems to say, can, under at least some conditions, be considered less likely. 
     In point of fact they were socialist. The book by Ahamad seems to be saying that this was a good enough reason not to pay debts. So, there are some fundamental problems here with the German position, not to mention Germany's groupthink, or the Germans' idea of insisting on getting back every penny, which seems pretty obviously not a good idea. But, as I said, they're Germans. You can re-direct their German tendencies, but you cannot get rid of that. 
      Is it not the case that everyone agrees that for a bad debt the debtor should sometimes be forgiven? Actually I am seeing the answer, which is that everyone does not agree on it. But I think they should. It's called "bankruptcy." Bankruptcy gives a person the chance to start over and it gives society a chance to not be destroyed by debt-collectors, which is all very sound and simple. This should be a simple concept. Why are people pretending they never heard of it? 
     So, there are various ways to understand inability to repay a debt. Of course this is certainly true. What is a country to do?
     Maybe, Greece needs to become socialist. Why the hell not? Maybe they need to be a different kind of country. To suggest that every country needs to be the same is a frightening spectre and false suggestion. It is a fabrication to declare that there is only one standard. And this one standard applies always? 
     What kind of idea is that? Since when does everyone need to be the same? I mean, why can't there ever be a different kind of country? 
     I ask you! Should everything be all  the same? 

     No and no, again.
     Everyone does not need to wear a tie. 

     And maybe everyone does not need to be the exact same thing. 

     And maybe capitalism makes mistakes. And maybe capitalism is flawed.  And maybe Greece should not be forced to repay anything.

     But what a scandal that would be!

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