Monday, February 20, 2012

True, Truth, and Truthy; And Nothing Left Out?

     Truth is not at a very high dividend. Or surplus marginal value. Customers are buying products all the time. Spending. 
     Why is there no value placed on truth? Free email makes money for somebody. Mortgage lending and hedge-betting has a profitable side. But the market places zero value on truth?
     Thinking is worthless, then. The market puts value on many things. The market likes hundreds of millions of things. But truth is not one of them? The market is very good at placing value on things that seem to have none. No value.
     As for truth, that too has no value it would appear. No one can create a market value for truth. 
     Hard as they may try they cannot put Humpty-Dumpty together again. In the old days they used to say "hard word" a lot. Hard word has value. "Thrift" has value.
     Obviously these things no longer have any. Thrift does not have value, hard work does not have value. Baloney has value.

     In the situation of the market what is it that has value? The answer: money. But money has no value, really. And money assassinates truth.
     Who focuses on money? Economists and bankers do. Investors. They focus on money, and when we focus on money we lose our feeling for the truth.

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