Monday, October 17, 2011

Sorry, Doc, I'm Not Feeling You

     In such a culture such as ours, a multiplicity of books are available. One may browse.
     Browsing the other day at the commercial kind of bookstore reveals the real idiot swill books. I mean to say the higher type idiocy: nonsense by people with “Ph.D.” after their name; or “M.D.” For example, one book there about an imputed fact that autism is a mislabeling; therefore, no such thing. There was a whole book about this, or at least I think there was (maybe I’m dyslexic and I imagined it).
     Of course the reason that any of this is plausible in the first place is the same reason that autism got ignored for so long. This M.D. or Ph.D. writer or whomever he thinks he is can bring together all the well-known, famous, imputed “truths” out there. That's how science works, you know.
     For example: autism – or for  that matter one’s health – may have something to do with food – it probably does – Temple Grandin knows this already, by the way. Then if my health has to do with food – but I am using the word “autism” to describe some part of that – it follows that there must not be any autism in the first place. The word is a false imputation; I’m just not eating enough broccoli (hmmm…come to think of it, didn’t I already discuss broccoli? [Thurs., April 28th ]).

     We are talking about a certain kind of book here, written by a doctor well-versed in all the standard cultural swill, what Dylan called “The Idiot Wind.” You see, dear reader, there is no autism. It is all a hoax concocted by radicals. There is even a chapter in this piece of rot on the "support group" for the poor victims --- persons (parents?) falsely labeled with autism.
     It seems to me like this is a kind of guy who goes with the grain; while, for instance, radicals get points for going against. But there is also something surmounting all that--the fact that it doesn’t make any difference. They are both just strategies. It doesn't help anybody per se: that we are going either against or with the trends; it's like a false issue that just confuses things. I don't think there is any inherent value in either. What I usually notice is that we live in a world that is idiotic in general. So, I'm a "critic." OK; but I sell neither a "normal" reality, nor the radical one. 
     Greek writer Hesiod noted that there were five winds that blow on to Athens. Of the five winds Hesiod spoke of, three were bad; and of the two good winds one was very unpredictable. Not much has changed.
      So what is happening, here, is a good doctor has surfaced, or published, and he, this respectable voice, this good man, speaking in the name of science, has graced us with the account of autism as false imputation. Something highly ironic about that (hmmm… maybe it is iron I’m not getting enough of!!!)

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