Saturday, October 22, 2011

Are We Really All One?

Instead of lumping all people together into one destructive human mass, it’s important to carefully assess which human activities harm the environment and which enhance it. CBD blames overpopulation for the accelerated extinction of plant and animal species. Missing from this simple picture are the ways in which different systems of production yield very different environmental results.
Take the case of food. Industrial agriculture typically erodes biodiversity, while peasant farming often protects crop genetic diversity and creates a welcoming habitat for birds and other species. A Monsanto executive and a Central American small organic farmer may both be part of the human population, but there the resemblance ends.

     Are we "all one"? Really? I have yet to find the people who act like they truly believe we are all one human mass. Everyone, I have written elsewhere, favors their own. That is not, I do not believe, a bad or cruel thing to say. How do we make change, if we are not at least realistic about who we are? How do we make change if we are lying all the time?
     Here is "socialist" blog that cuts through the mustard. It's called:

     Climate and Capitalism
Ecosocialism or Barbarism: There is no third way

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