Monday, October 17, 2011

Green Conduct
"    The Occupy Wall Street protests have ballooned into one of the most powerful grassroots social movements since the Great Depression and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. Once perceived by the elite to be a trivial display of immature angst by a bunch of hippies, the mainstream media has had no choice but to cover the protests to the chagrin of their corporate owners.
Naturally, business is expected to side with the right, defending their powerful position in society by putting forth rhetoric that touts the societal benefits of free markets such as job creation, access to cheap goods and services, and (perhaps taken to the extreme) individual freedom. ...  "


Yeah, business is "expected" to side with all of that. But it's just not true. It is all garbage. All this stuff about "the societal benefits of free markets" and so forth is a false story, and it sounds stupider and stupider as time goes on. It is an old, false story. This is what I have understood and wanted I think to express on this blog. Still, the fear of coming right out and saying what one knows makes it difficult. What I knew others knew, too. But we were all afraid of the empire.   
     One day, the drapes are just pulled back and we see it for what it is. Until that day, we just believed all the garbage we heard. We did not really "believe" it. I just wanted to say it that way. But we sort of followed it or believed in following it. It seemed like it was society's truth and we felt we needed to be very careful in what we said against it. And I watched myself doing this and I watched everybody else doing it.
     Then these protests happened. The first thing was that the corporate-owned media just ignored it. That was the first thing. I want to note what these newspaper non-reporters did---a sort of non-happening. "You don't exist. You are not there." Then, the police tried to crack down. What next?
     More persons noticed it. And more persons had real, spontaneous responses. Not theoretical or ideological responses. That was important. False language constructions about "the societal benefits..." no longer hold. Those real responses, instead of corporate ones, form a platform. Our prior inklings become grounded. Now the phony theories can be opposed by other, different theories. The electricity of our thoughts does not destabilize but returns to a stable ground from which it can re-emerge at will, seeking to form light, and shadows.
     Communication starts to happen again. We can be people again. Life becomes what WE say it is, not what the tough and powerful say it "must" be. This powerful clique has, over the years, become more and more toxic and unrepresentative of either reason, ethics, or the majority of persons in the society. Using rights guaranteed by the nation in the 18th century, and upheld within the very capitalism that no longer functions correctly, the ground of discourse shifts. That crusty old elite, of pigs and bullies, no longer has the upper hand. Nor the final word. A new blog discovery for me.

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