Sunday, October 2, 2011

October 02, 2011

Why don't stupid people just go away? Why do they need to bother me today?
     All societies need to deal with their resident stupid peoples so this is a philosophical question of deep significanceI mean it. I might not be putting it into the right words exactly but it gets at a deeply relevant area of inquiry. Sort of an "ask, don't tell," maybe thing. Thing<-->maybe. The question could be askid bout any society. A humane society is humane period. To the stupid as well; but they have to be somewhere. Where? And we have in the past done a lot of inhumane things to them so I do know that it's sensitive.
     But perhaps what is also relevant is that the stupid are just getting too much equality and power.  After all: all they need is money. In this stage of capitalism, do you really think that there is any systematic means by which certain irresponsible members of society are kept from it? Not only do the stupid have too much money but also they've all done got their own websites. So, that's the problem. Earlier today I accidentally bumped into yet another "Austrian" economics website.
     This kind of person is economically stupid, or, you might say, stupid-plus-thinks-he's-an-economist. He is not even slightly interesting to me. No, not anymore, because I have seen enough! Aren't they supposed to be living in the Alps? Or maybe in a tar paper shack somewhere. Maybe just outside of the little town that kicked them out.
     Hiding under a rock, perhaps I meant to say. Somewhere? Over the rainbow? No, not over the rainbow. Instead, they think they are actually intelligent. And there my friends is the problem.
     Yes, I think I nailed that one. And I think it is really a problem. The internet is not some great development for "the cause" of democracy and etc. and so on and I don't know whether anyone still believes that. This is the whole point. No, just the opposite: the internet should have been properly regulated; what you should have done is have both a business internet and a public access internet---two sections to it. It should have been diverse. Start dividing and sorting one thing from the other. The internet had the same need for diversity as everything else in a democratic and capitalistic society. But you can't do that because it is blocked by the same forces which tell us you can't regulate capitalism. If we would just regulate capitalism...then it (and we) could have a chance...

     Remember that stuff about how we're an empire now? It was a big, popular theme there awhile around 2003 or something like thatsomehow linked to the American aggression in Iraq. "We are an empire." "Empire Lite." Well, OK. We rule the world for a little bit of time. Now regulate capitalism.

     I agree that we need to have an "open" society. This means that  bums should be on the same streets as the professionals are, as the businessmen are. Maybe this is about "identity." I know I am seeing that word around lately. I have stopped reading post-modernism, though, some time ago.

     There are some questions here about "integrity." Where the integrity in a human society? It has to be there no doubt. But how is integrity to be preserved? How is integrity to be preserved in a free society? Such a society is one where those lacking in integrity (that's the real meaning of my word "stupid," I suspect) mix right in with everybody else.

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