Friday, October 14, 2011

Nice Guys

Capitalism eventually creates a nice society. A friendly society, at the core.
     It is hard to argue with genteel, upper class persons-----and capitalism creates a lot of them, albeit only in capitalism's core central areas-----these are, to give just an example, the kinds of persons I am usually seeing in the area where the present author has been staying. Here we find persons belonging to just this international (lots of foreigners; it is international) capitalist core population. First I stayed in the old hotel I might have told you all about in some earlier posts, now, because it got condemned, I moved! The new place is both similar and different. But all the other persons I usually notice --- my "proximity" people --- look like population at the capitalist core. Anyway, everyone --- core persons or not core persons --- seem to accept the niceness of it. Hard to argue with that. We tend to accept it.
     We tend to accept the genteel---the "better sort" as it has been put. Even the leftist movements are almost always headed by some upper class individual. Or, perhaps declasse'?

     But the ultimate test of our system and method of being, and the ultimate test of capitalism, is the question of whether niceness spreads. That's the test of whether your capitalism is going in the right direction. It depends on whether this benefit is spreading. That's the crux of the issue. If it just remains within one little core area, within the small circle, that is not the process of capitalism. There seems no possibility whatsoever of a radical break with the past. I don't see the "revolution" (I do believe it is a nice word though), so as Dean Baker said, capitalism is what we have. And capitalism, in my view, requires a spread, not a retreat, of inclusion. That is simply the nature of the beast.
    What I really hate to see, on the other hand, is a bunch of seemingly nice happy people in the core location, in contrast to, and having no empathy with, a great suffering in other parts of the system (the global system, get it?). That's niceness gone to waste, niceness gone bad.

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