Monday, October 24, 2011


"   Every day we see more evidence that capitalism, which was once the basis for an unprecedented wave of creativity and liberation, has transformed itself into a force for destruction, decay and death.   "

    Well, that's a little grandiose, isn't it, Ian? I definitely agree with the second half of the sentence, "...has transformed itself into a force for destruction, decay and death", and I do hold, in my important (and thus for completely ignored) body of work (OK, it's my own fault, I'm bad at blogging), that capitalism contains these elements that are unprecedented. And those are not necessarily negative elements.
     Kind of depends what country you are in. For someone like myself, who was born in the U.S.A., it can seem kind of positive. It is also positive or negative, depending on a lot of things --- like which year it is. On one's deathbed, is capitalism positive or negative? For a European or a Chinese?
    And, it is quite remarkable that (this thing that Ian seems to understand so well,) capitalism (,) is the keyword, the "thing" held responsible for all this. But, at the moment when the whole ecology, or the "whole earth," crashes will anyone really care whether it was "capitalism" that crashed or simply the earth? Whether I am dead or not is the question, isn't it?---not whether I am dead by "capitalism"! I won't really care!

     One really has to wonder about the psychology of these blokes, sometimes.

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