Monday, October 17, 2011

Election Cycle

Just saw three sentences from the president on television. Three sentences. Maybe that's all I need.

I think I have it -- the method. The mechanical call-and-response of the clockwork election cycle of a dead society.

The method? Here it is: 

We wait for the conservatives to tilt too far right. When they go too far, B.O. steps in basketball smooth talking progressive. Talking that way. Just talking that way. Just posing. Doing the progressive number. The old progressive slapstick number. "I'm a Liberal." He ain't no liberal. The old tap dancer, even...

Then he wins, and turns out to be far less progressive than that.That's how the cycle runs itself off, it's not creative. Just runs itself off, like clockwork. Like a machine. Nobody home.

This is all he knows how to do. It will all go exactly according to schedule. But where is the reality behind it? is, I guess, what I'd ask.

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