Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some persons

Some persons, like Molly Scott Cato, actively declare themselves to be "anti-"capitalist. But, capitalism, if it can be anthropomorphosized, as if capitalism can have an opinion about itself, would not have any "pro-"capitalist view of itself. So, "who" is capitalism? If capitalism were a person it would not be "pro-" or "anti-" capitalism.  
     "Who" is it? It is just a kind of a transformation that happened to human society. It is a kind of re-positioning of the subject in regard to the object. It does not operate on behalf of, nor against, the "home" society, the place where it has managed to get embedded. Capitalism just establishes itself in human society, like a parasite, or a herd of fleas in the furry coat of dog, and hitches a ride with us for awhile. You don't kill the dog, just because it done up and got fleas.
     Right now, on the date of October27th, capitalism is "hot," because the stock market jumped up 3%. But it is not. It is not hot. Nor is it cold; it just is.

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