Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wealthy Decision Makers - That's Rich

Rich people never have to pay for their mistakes. They can pay (s.i.c.) their way out of anything they do. Although they speak of their mistakes and lessons learned, something is missing.
They are facile. The speeches that concern notions of ethics, their talk of moral choices --- it is more than facile. It is a decency of talk. Talk is cheap -- very, very cheap. When morality is limited... we do not see any expenditiure of energy, meaning real energy; meaning in a physical sense of work, sweat. That involves also imperfection. Imperfection. It is the normal mileau.
So, imperf. is the environment we are working in; I want to see something physical happening here. Something expended (-not money). Pay in sweat.
I want you to do some work.
Exploiting labor is no longer fashionable, but, for a limited period of time capitalism meant that persons exchanged something. What do we mean by that? By "exchange"?
By living, by expending labor, we built this house. Now it is imperfect, but the time has come to define what it is --- or , how it shall be used.
We need to bring into focus the world we have created. You don't do it only in words. Note again that the humans they are imperfect (Neitzche said that).

Because we are imperfect, we act. In acting we build things. One imperfect person meets another. There is friction, or interaction, or something like a toehold on sticky paper --- something like that. There are friction. But the inconsistency and frictions are what give us toeholds, like those strip things on the stairs.
Not to mention drama. Feminists, say Butler, do not (should not) create a category out of "women" . We do not buy our way out of our moral responsibilities, or make excuses.

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