Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cravings -- For Cream cheese and white CAstle ; Or, "What we Like"

What do we like?

We like overcoming difficulties and we have many of them to overcome.
The Left movement is dedicated largely to overcoming difficulties, so the Right side -- I mean in it's extremist manifestation -- is dedicated to saying that there aren't any.

Difficulties, I mean. There aren't any. But you do ask deep, probing questions.

Everything is OK, for difficulties are irrational.

Right-wingers ask deep probing questions which are really dedicated to one specific goal. The question are to demonstrate how once we possess the associated answers there are no more questions or difficulties. So, the difficulties just disappear.

* * *

When life is a pickle overcoming difficulties becomes a theme and hope springs eternal. Obama knew tha. And Bush, having blown his wad or shot his shotgun off(ooops! Cheney!! A co-incidence! I swear!), Obama chose to emphasize "change." It was hope's turn. "Hope's Turn" -- now isn't that a movie or something?

When we are experiencing difficulties, we "like" -- we WANT things.

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