Saturday, April 2, 2011

Libya and Libyans

Those who fight:

#Palestinion intifada in the 70's
#People in Madison, WI, last month
#Libyans "last two weeks)

There's nothing more heroic and admirable than fighting against the forces of oppression.

I do not doubt that the cause is heroic, but whether these struggles actually make the world a better place, is what is in doubt.
Mostly, human beings are rotten little pools of corruption (with little wisps of smoke emerging from their foreheads or eyebrows). If you give persons a chance to be corrupt they will be. Capitalism, which is to say in its current "free" state or state of freedom, or license, where its operations are not continually observed, monitored and governed, lets corruption spread like a virus. And, people will be corrupt.
It's a corrupt world. Let's face it. Revolutions are like sit-comes -- splashes of excitement and entertainment.
I feel deeply and passionately the U. S. must express its core valuews here. The U. S. should, in my opinion, publicly support the values or principles of the Libyans (you know: the ones we should support, not the ones we shouldn't). You know what I mean, the Libyans.
Jackson Pollack "expressed" himself by throwing paint at a flat surface. What was that supposed ta prove? I don't know, but it's very important that we do it.
You need to do it genuinely of course -- sincerely. The sincerity is actually the most important thing of all, in any case.

There is no comparison -- none -- between the Libyans and the Libyan regimes, or between the nice, and educated, persons in Wisconsin and the arrogant businessmen of Wisconsin -- or the stupid and brutal people in Wisconsin. No commensurability, no comparison: between my fellow Judaic persons in Israel who are murderers of Palestinians (or bulldozers of homes) and a sincere, nice example of a Palestinian Arab. But I am also realistic about ultimate chances for truly redemptive outcomes. Look what happened in S. Africe, Vietnam, Poland, etc. Not that much changes. The whole world also didn't change. But those persons or principals should receive all of our support; and, that support we give must be sincere.
Obama should say more in support of Libyans, not less: so should other political figures.

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