Monday, April 25, 2011

Economists Say...

It is USA Today that informs us this morning that (nearly) eight out of ten economists say they are less optimistic than they were three months ago. Americans are usually very optimistic. This is brought home to us when we read Barbara Ehrenreich's latest book, "Bright-Sided," which underlines optimist by means of contrast, sort of the way the 9-11 attacks clarified or should have clarified what our real values are and so forth.
But, if they are less "optimistic," as the news put it, what really is the other side of that optimism? Only a few obscure writers are discussing a "Capitalism v.2" or a "re-framing of capitalism."
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the whole cause of the lack of optimism is put down to "high energy prices."
That is it? No more?

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