Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Let Thou Surf

Here is the site I just was on:
...I was looking for a China site --- looking for maybe a site from China and trying to avoid something predictable in the sense of U.S. State dept., or CIA fact book, etc. I arrived at the above web site:
The recent power plant accident in Japan, like the Chernobyl disaster 25 years ago, calls for "deep reflection" ... Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today

Well, I thought I had arrived in China but he is Sec-Gen of the U.N. I don't recognize name fast enuf and I am still thinking he be Chinaman. I thought it was someone in the Chinese leadership --- that kind of thing. You know the dictators? Leaders of China? But it was the U.N! Ooops! Easy mistake for an American maybe.
I thought it was a leader in China who was calling for "deep reflection", amongst his people, probably on their own nuclear facilities. The problem was that I was all geared up to receive propaganda from China. I thought I was already there, due to my intentional screening process, involving Google. How many mistakes did I make?

Anyway, now you know how my mind works! It's all out on the table. Platter? Flat Screen? What do you call those things? It's a flat screen. Display? Flat Screen Display? I used to know the abbreviation back when the "soft" screens first came out and I saw them on display in stores. LCD? Anyway --- All their names sound alike. Huh?

While it is a nice phrase, "deep reflection," I think the Chinese leadership should enter into deep reflection on the matter of ---- or subject of ---- human rights ---- or whatever you call it ---- ---- I think that it is the matter of what right and wrong are. That is what is involved. Some persons get that and some don't. You know? Then it occurs to me that it is the governments do not get it. Hoo boy! Am I in trouble yet?
... Well, I think we should know right from wrong. Is that simplistic? I know there are a lot of subtleties once you get deeper into it --- speaking of "deeper" as we were --- but seems to me that some just have not gotten to the right/wrong issue in the first place.

But there have been repeated calls for the world's most populous country's leadership, or dictatorship --- whichever is the word --- to act within what are called basic values, on things like respect for human life, or basic values like not beating and killing people. Little things like that, which we should know are wrong.
So I am saying they do not "know right from wrong," which functions as a cliche, too, just like "deep reflection" does. All of this needs, apparently, "deep reflection" on the part of the ruling elements in China who are really practicing barbarianism in the more basic variety. How can they not know they are mistreating Tibet, and other peoples? How? Unless ...they do not know right from wrong.

Deep reflection: Bush (not H.W.) also said things like that, saying he was reflecting "deeply" on things. Sounds like the same thing. Let me tellest thou how deep I be. I think he said that type of stuff, saying him so deep and all. He was really thinking deeply, caring deeply. Oh yeah, nice phrase; how do we know it means anything? This computer has phrases and word, in a sense ---- all I would do is press a button...what does it mean if a machine said it?

This is my comment for today, trying to keep some topics in your face, that maybe you should be thinking of. Maybe we should make sure we keep some of these topics in our minds, not to mention up on the flat screens out there in cyberspace.

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