Friday, April 15, 2011

Big Road

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Americans are transfixed by cause and effect in the form of these human activities connected to commerce.
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I noticed in school that they use the term "behavior" a lot in them textbooks. This morning I wondered how to gloss the term "behavior." Here's what came out of me. I was sitting on the balcony of a motel and I wrote down my thoughts looking out over a highway where the trucks roll. Bob Dylan always says, slowly. He always says the trucks roll slowly. (So sorry: sings)

As my fellow travelers on this journey, I hope y' enjoy my words:
Americans --- transfixed by the unfolding commercial scene around them. It's a better object of fascination than anything Europe has to offer

Commerciality means to be drawn into something ... empty

This means that, for all of that time that Americans have been looking at themselves, they have never had any idea what they are looking at

Sucked into a vortex and the advertising industry tracks the ignorance

I'd sat in two cafe's and a B. King in my time in this sleepy little New York Washington Irving-type town. Each one is totally different --- here what I mean is that the coffee venues were different -- from one another. When I watch New York persons I tend to think they have more humanity or culture or something --- more than others in this country. All of that considered, I do not think America or Americans are meaningless --- how could they be meaningless? How could anyone be?

But then, if they are not, which one theme is it that we share? What is the theme of this here country? Although no one knows what the real theme is, cultures usually have themes, and the theme is common to persons of the culture. What is the mutuality of the American culture? (not merely that we are all wrapped around an empty core...fascinated with the cause and effect of a commercial, that won't do ...that doesn't work)

Every place has its meaning; America must as well. Commerciality builds up the seeming, the apparent meaning. Around that empty core. At some point, you have to admit the core is empty (old immigrant jokes about the "nail soup" - that's relevant here). Americans have hearts. All do. All persons do. And peoples (cultures) do too.

America/US is a culture whose hearts were freed up by a big, open land. And they are persons full of hope.

But if the system remains connected to empty meaningless commerciality we are going to have a problem.

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