Friday, April 1, 2011

Category: "Book Review"

Schulz "succeeded." Yea!! ____ we all want to succeed____. The book, "Onward," now out, supposedly tells all: the whole, true story of: how he did stuff. It's a marketing miracle! Each page is a revelation. I read one --- the kind with the big lettering on it. So I read about three words (*) of it, and I looked at the cover. And...?

"Onward" to where exactly? Onward where? "Onward" latteland. This guy is so transparent.

When I cracked the covers open, standing by the rickety cardboard/metal display, it was so new and excitingly (sic) that I closed it immediate-ly to return more than properly to my velvet seat and not the other thing of standing by the counter, near the display (so rickety, Howard!).

At every turn of the page this is a book that crackles with excitement I am certain. Yes it actually crackles. It is new and fresh. Really, I mean! I kid you not, baby.

p.s. Everyone knows you go to Starbucks precisely because ---- there is nowhere else.

To go.
(*) Okay: sentences.

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