Thursday, April 28, 2011

Green Retort

If only Americans would eat better food. Like broccoli. I stopped at a Shop-N-Go in New Jersey and I picked up some crowns. And today, I'm having crowns for breakfast. Good Morning.

It would be so much healthier if we were to eat broccoli for breakfast. I am talking about raw crowns but people eat horrible processed things. This is what you find in the "service station" or the "convenience store." The colorful outlets.

You know what I mean. I'm talking about the kind of food we call processed --- full of oils and sugars. Don't forget the flavor. And now --- color! There you go! Now wrap it up in a nice colorful package; people have to notice it. They won't be able not to. And, that way you can "compete" with the other corporations. Who are your enemy of course. That's one brutal competition to be sure. To be king of this mountain of junk --- the slag heap.

Now there's a term I remember from youth. It's vernacular but in my younger days at least we knew it was necessary to think. Big loss there. We never thought that use of mind would have a time limit. But now there's no point. Yes, I know the term's vernacular, mountain, slag, whatever, but even if we used the vernacular to get the point across I think it's alright to use vernacular you know, because it is speech, and in speech, the mind had a real point to look to.

On the other hand, YOU can go get yourself killed; and that's what'll happen, buddy, if you do not eat your broccolli for breakfast. You, buddy, can eat junk food, buddy. You do not have to think; you have that right. That is your right. Why you should think? That is so last season -- and out of style seasoning is something you no longer use anyways. You can go kill yourself with yer junk food. Your stomach does not have a mind. It does not control the capacity called choice. The one that makes choices is you yourself; you have made your choice and I'm not going to intervene. Except to say,

............Good morning. And,

____________________...............Wake Up..............._________________

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