Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wittgenstein's Masseuse

There is what is called the "star."

Our heroes are no longer warriors, or Kings. Neither rabbis are they, nor priests. Our big shots are not military heroes but businessmen. The president of G-Sachs is a bigger individual than the president. The big person is the star -- the big shot in capitalism.

Whether it is a black person in the ghetto, or a Japanese person in a bathhouse, or the Lexus on the Autobahn (?), all eyeballs rotate towards the one with the biggest number of an abstraction. Everyone wants to be the big person -- the big shot is simply he who has $ and can rent the...motel room and drive the luxury motorbike.

In this kind of national condition, everyone has the same goal...

it is lowest common denominator living and if this is truly what we are about...

then words have lost their value...

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