Sunday, February 20, 2011

Economics: The Lesson from TA

"TA" is "travel America" of [see comment below] something. It's like a truck stop.

Want to see the pure free-market? OK, go to the sort of commercial zone, like they have at a U. S. military base. Or go to the truck stop on a big, long highway -- the interstate one -- the refueling station they call "TA." I recommend the one in West Gallup, New Mexico where I stopped on my way somewhere some time back.

I would opine that anyone intelligent enough to spit into a tin can would find it hard to find anything socially redeeming about hellishly superficial, neon-lit "commercial" zones like these. ANd military bases contain the same localized explosions of what we should definitely not call "economics." Economics is something social. It cannot exist in isolation. Economics --- or capitalism --- always has to be connected to something. If not government, then something.

Are such places really examples of economics? Is that kind of idea viable? There is no "pure free market." The very phrase does not make sense. Bit the closest you can get (since it is a social fact that we believe the free-market ideology) are these "experiments" in the impossible---in pure free markets at places like the TA in West Gallup or these tiny neon-lit zones on military bases where potato chips go up on sale (where infinity goes up on trial - sang Dylan). And these places revulse one.
(the spell-checker says "revulse" not a word. I though it was. Guess I'm not in the mainstream?)

I would like to repeat that there is no pure free market. It's a fantasy that can exist, say, in books, but explanations of the existence of pure free markets are phony. They exist, however, precisely because they are created in a spirit of duplicity and malice.

No economy can exist that way.


  1. I wrote "of" in the opening of this piece byt it means "or" Sometimes I do that
    It can means "or" instead of "of"
    I cannot help myself.
    I do that. It cannot be helped.
    My fingers just do that.

    It is human. I am autistic.

  2. probably I could also just change the f to an r
    except that I keep doing that
    and I do mean unconsciously
    that's why I wanted to leave it...
    It is completely automatic. Some persons will never understand and they always want YOU to it THEIR way. That's why I wanted to leave a way of showing people that not everyone is
    the same. Some things in life just happen. Everyone is equal, but everyone is not. Labeling people doesn't necessarily make it better. I am just a person, but I am not same as YOU. Not everyone is so well-adjusted or thinkgs this society is so peachy-keen and user friendly