Saturday, February 12, 2011

Expert Book Review

Newt Gingrich has had any number of forays into the publishing arena. I don't really like him much; I think he's nuts. I know the man writes, though, because I saw the one where he "embraced," --- we suppose --- environmentalism and put together expert-sounding sentences -- about sea turtles. (I photocopied the sentence: --- autistic people tend to focus very was just such a funny thing to me: such a funny, ridiculous, idiotic thing going into detail, comparing species of sea turtles and then having to decide grammatically whether to use the plural or the singular, or the possessive or something. In my little world, it's like a classic sentence on the sea turtle situation from Mr. Gingrich and his co-author, some guy named Martin, the import of which is that some sea turtle species are doing well and some are not doing well) But the book I plucked out of those on the library shelf last time, a novel, was "1945." Not that I have any right to dis him or anything (ha ha) but it is such a clever title. Ging and his co-author (both "historians" the flyleaf or inside cover says) depict a world --- an alternative world --- in which the great war (two) is over and there are TWO superpowerz. Again, what a clever notion --- that there could be two superpowers. Wowie-zowie. But, not that it is a right-ward tilt or anything, but the two are Germany, under Nazism, and the good ol' U.S., natch.

The American part in the war gets put off a few years, you see, so Gingrich can control it when it happens.

The book is full of action: "Admiral William 'Bull' Halsey's face turned to stone as he recognized the other person awaiting him in the Office of the Army Chief of Staff"

His face turned to stone. What a sentence. Wowie zowie.

If only, if only, if only....Gingrich's world is "alternative."

It is as if there is no material weight; it is as if saying is as good as doing; and, I can live on fantasy

because I Well---I am Newt. And you are NOT.

Jest having fun.

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