Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Position Politically

I have been looking at a few blogs and I thought I should express my position politically. There are for example conservatives, the there is the business establishment, there is the Left, and so one. There are certainly a plethora of other groups. So, I guess one must state one's position. So, then what do I say, about my, Um---"position" ----"politically"? Alright, I'm not sure what those words mean, and so I put them in quotes but it is standard language.

Most of these blogs I saw have some definite point of view. For ex., i was one from the "Austrian School." (SEE auto comment in comment box for correction!)

OK. Where then do I stand?

I think the society of the contemporary capitalist world or "the developed, democratic world," is plural. That means different viewpoints.

Left and right are both alright. Everyone has the right to their different ideas.

I am not a leftist because I do not seek to destroy or squeeze out the right. I don't care; I don't take a side. I don't have an axe to grind.

What I do think is that we ought to be open to ideas from both sides.

But I do not stop there. I have more to say...

I think the right are frustrated. They are feeling squeezed. They do not get their way so the word is "frustrated.' They have their point of view. But the world does not work according to that point of view. The world just does not seem to have gone the way of the conservative. We cannot just let some weird representative of a rightist fantasy have power. If we elected someone like Bush, that leader would not resolve the underying problems we have. If we elected the weird kind, like Sarah Palin or Glen Beck or someone, what they would do would have nothing to do with the real world. That would not work, to put it mildly. So we need a basically "liberal," "Progressive" type of set of policies, but not because those are "right." Nothing is "right" in the absolute sense. A society like ours tolerates so many diverse opinions; but you cannot rule out of diversity. There is only one government at a time.

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  1. I am not of the Austrian school. I meant to say that "I saw one from..." I was not one. I was not a website. I am not a website. I am a person. But I am not a person of the Austrian school. I was not that...