Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dreams: Free

Commerce--we see it all around us. Commerce is intriguing. To be intrigued by commerce is normal --- everyone is dazzled by it and although it temporarily enchants no one has it figured out. Not only commerce, but, maybe no one has figured out anything much anyway. Perhaps it is not our place to understand.

Of course not everyone agrees with that. OK, there are, economists for which we can thank the French Enlightenment and what Foucault called "social science." They are always more or less the willing sycophant slaveboys of "business." Their job is to create "profound" appearances, that appear to explain commerce. If you didn't get that drift: it's OK! You don't need therapy.

There are so many vain persons out there claiming to understand things that they do not! When one is sitting at home in one's private home or humble cottage--or even one's grand castle--one is not thinking of "commerce" but, as soon as the individual's interest goes outside into the outside world there they are:----all the semiotic sights and sounds of commerce. But yet it is nevertheless true that commerce remains mysterious, like a dream (in daytime) we sleep off each night. And when going out, we see the daydream of commerce. We see it in the neon--in the neon lights of urbanity. In the urban system one sees businesses advertising.

Businesses advertising themselves is practically all one sees.

Nearly every bite of food you eat, the place you live, the bed you sleep on (Sealy), the car you drive--it all depends upon money and commerce.

But then when we get home we forget all about it. Back home we go to sleep --- then we have dreams: no charge.

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