Thursday, February 17, 2011

Outpot Log; for February 17

..........Today's Output: Poetry

Its hard to make it
Its hard to turn a rake
into a snake
Its hard to kiss the potato
Its hard to be at peace,
when everyone's at war. It's
hard to like your kitchen floor


The king claimed all the land, up to a certain border, after which was the land of some other king.
The Pope examined his knuckle bone then discovered his bellybutton. Briefly, he turned his attention to the Mexican problem, then he prayed for the Algerians. And the African-Americans.


...By the nineteenth century, science and learning, followed by revolution, seemed to have changed Europe.
...Even just from photographs we can see the difference by 1830---and more so by 1900. Most everyone seems to agree that the 20th century was a century of great upheaval. On that most agree.
...Science, education, "the enlightenment," and the spectre of Revolution----it all means "change". Appearances however are deceiving. Although all of these forces came together to create certain things, yet everything remains the same. Even to this day.
...America more than anywhere else bespeaks of the twin totems of "innovation" and "change".
...Yet, all of the power and democracy of the U. S. - or America (excluding Canada, Mexico and South America) - has only been used, in the end, to make the rich richer----and the military ever more violent.
...When the Egyptians had to make revolution, they did it themselves, with no help from the U. S. A.

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