Wednesday, February 16, 2011

78 (1)

.. ..
The fleshy jungle injected its virus word, like a third mind, under my skin and into my morning awareness. And I wake up hearing "Newsradio 78." I had set the alarm to it. It's a radio station, A.M. band. The station has a sound to it, as expressed by its AM radio "voice" -- expressed by the voice of the individual newscaster -- all the newscasting voices on "78" seem to me to create one particular effect.

There's a little thing called "tone" that I was studying -- this means in my university writing class, and the station is one that has its own particular timbre or wavelength -- voice of newscastery tone.

They sound like they are, and very kindly, inviting you to an affair. Although they make this impression I know, for sure, that only certain folks are going to be let in, to the soiree.

I really don't think that they would let me into that party, which---Ha! ha!---doesn't even exist.

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