Saturday, February 12, 2011

Google/Blogspot does not cut-and-paste? I had to paste this url into the subject box. Which is called a title box. (by THEY)

I think Blogspot is SOOOOO lame.
Mubarak's top aides and family — including his son Gamal, widely viewed as his intended successor — told him he could still ride out the turmoil. (only a short excerpt from the good article url'ed above)

OK, try it now, fans:

I had to use "Edit Html." But I stick with what I said about Blogspot. I suppose I am endangering my future existence as a capitalistic human being by saying something that will no doubt not endear THEY to ME.

I saw this big-money actress/fake punk rock star talk about how she loves some band apparently called "the Haters." It's all so ha-ha-ha.

Anyway, fans, that's a good story about Egypt. Stick wit' Jack. He'll steer ya right.

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