Tuesday, May 17, 2011


"Too busy to live" is the name of the latest article in "O" (the Oprah) magazine (Sept., 2008). She'll give you advice and pointers about life.

What is life? The world doesn't make any sense but Oprah will tell you how to make it. The articles have something of "euphemism" about them.

Mostly, it's about "the rules of the game."

The real name of the game is "we'll go and make all the other magazines go out of business."

There's all kinds of stuff in "O" magazine.

It really isn't all that bad.
I am not saying it is a bad magazine but most of the things in the magazine satisfy the need to play a game of life, not how to become a real person. Oprah's magazine is for "the consumer" --- not a person.

An article is for "world's fastest" "fitness plan." Asks: "Got ten minutes?" What it does not ask is the question about why someone would not have more than ten minutes.

First we shall admit that the American people are a bunch of boobs
Then, we shall attend to the clients' chest massage. Gently rubbing in circles, ...

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