Friday, May 13, 2011

Firday, May 13, 2011

This should follow instead of precede the post that it is chronologically next. I am not sure how it happened...seems a kind of mishap occured...
Well, I have not thought much about Syria’s self-appointed/anointed TYRANT (which I do believe is the correct scholarly term for he who is a totalitarian) dictator, and I have given even less thought to the "investor" cousin who handles Syrian “capitalism,” but I did talk to the legal system of North Brunswick, N.J. over phone.

Obviously the basic problem with dealing with this type of thing over the phone is that they cannot tell whether you are black or not. Using all of my dialogic skills I did have a civilized conversation with my fellow denizen or citizen; and, (yea!) we arrived at the solution of HER sending ME an “affidavit.” I made the mistake of asking her what an “affidavit” was. (I also asked her to send me a copy of the statute. She said that's OK, because "the judge knows..." What a legal mind!) Anyway, she seemed to prefer that I show up in court. OK, but I should like to offer your honor that, as a traveler, you know, I am all over the country or something and I should just get it over with. Globalization and all that, you know?

Now as for President Bashar. You sit down with him and you explain to him what he has to do. That’s my solution; of course you need a few other nations backing you up. You tell him your group represents the civilized world; he does not. Besides he’s a tyrant, right? But I am sure that in addition you need to really be active in helping the Syrian people set up a democracy, and the stetting up of a democracy ain't so easy, you know. But I wonder if we across the pond here indeed ever knew anything about all this inna first place, so --- the question for “next time” is this.

Where did our democracy or reasonable approximation thereof come from? Was it some kind of learned expansion of the Western mind? Is so, why do we seem to understand the principles of democracy less and less each year? If it was not ideals and scholarly knowledge and yearning for freedom that created our relative success and democracy – what then? Where would American or U. S. “freedom/democracy/liberty” have come from exactly? Do NOT forget to tune in next time! (assuming I remember to show up for our date)

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