Monday, May 2, 2011

Cultural Cohesion

Here on this blog I have already made in the past some references to what it is that holds a nation or culture together. This subject has already been brought up. I cannot find the post, but there is some enquiry going on lately, into what brings about the element of cohesion in a society, of how you get a country, and of what is the element that gives a group cultural cohesion, and so forth. Cohesion is, in fact, one meaning of "culture." A capitalistic society ALSO requires cohesion, although it is ambiguously defined in that case.

What is a particular country supposed to be? I as myself: "What kind of country am I living in?" I wonder about this. I know we do not have a leader.

Now as for the other guys, the "Republican" (or nit-wit) side, they are not going to let Obama get away with "it". well, that's great. With "what"? --- I've no idea.

So --- these are our factions? Right and Left? How exciting and novel.
I would prefer it if we would agree on just what each of these things, called R and L, each stand for. They are two strands of thought: Right and left: What are they?
It's a "feeling."
Other than that, I do not know. What is needed then is therapy. So, I'd like to offer we need a therapist for "right/left." Those guys need one. What they need is a therapist, because you "feel" Left. And one "feels" Right. They seem to be quite sure of their feelings, you know?

There are no more crazy people left; they are all accounted for. If our intellectuals, our college men, our business leadership deserved their platforms or pallenquins I think they should be able to explain.
"Can you give that feeling a word?" asks the political therapist. Two words? Can we go for these words,? the therapist wants to know.

What I did read though is that when President O. has a problem, he holes up in the library with a book, about what the predecesors did.

But I think better for him to have a primal scream.

We don't need a bookish president, as such; and intelligence and reason are good things,but perhaps not quite enough.

What we need is a unified national policy, with all citizens on board, and a definition of who we are as a society. This is threatening to a lot af lasseiz-faire rich people, but it is not fascism or dictatorship to have a common theme for a culture or a nation. It' a quest for cohesion.

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