Wednesday, May 25, 2011


...Pollution City
The city is a polluted environs. It is a pervasive surrounding that one has around one. This is a quality. This is a quality of air. The quality is: polluted. This is an environmental quality, like a cloud, an environs.

We can go to a health food bar or juice bar, that is true. One does not cancel out the other. You are drinking a healthy juice drink let us say but even so your skin has to be touching same city of outward pollutedness. (Skin city???) This is the outward pervasive surrounding. The city is a polluted environs. This is what the air is. While you are putting spirulina or wheat grass inside yourself, your skin is feeling the air, touches the outsides, the environs of city.

Your insides might be getting some thing good, wet, yeah. No doubt, but you are in city; it's all happening in pollution and in the dirty atmosphere. Pollution is comprehensive. Pollution is dirt, a quality, and it is surrounding you. All dirty air. All the air is dirty. And the air is touching you. And you drink wheat grass juice on the inside.

But you are in the city and you cannot hide.

It's all happening within the great city — a city of pollution

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