Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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I went to El Paso, Texas, today to lay out a plan to do something big: fix America's broken immigration system.
Washington won't act unless you lead.

I don’t want to be mean to the president or anything but this is a bunch of shit. This is the usual clichés. I know how to write, OK? – and I am NOT going to take this seriously. There are three parts to this exercise in rhetoric: doing something big; immigration as an issue; and a standard activist ploy—a bit about the public getting into it and leading Washington, which is such a big cliché in itself --- I am left quite speechless and astonished. Astonished at bullshit, that is.

Gibberish of Barack O. Come on. No one takes this seriously. So what is it?
Well b.s., I mean it's such total crap. You can just hear it:

I went to El Paso, Texas, [comma unecessary] today to lay out a plan to do something big: fix America's broken immigration system.

It's an issue that affects you, whether you live in a border town like El Paso or not [there's your comma, guys, after the "o"?]. Our immigration system reflects how we define ourselves as Americans -- who we are, who we will be -- and continued inaction poses serious costs for everyone.

Those costs are human, felt by millions of people here and abroad who endure years of separation or deferred dreams -- and millions more hardworking families whose wages are depressed when employers wrongly exploit a cheap source of labor. That's why immigration reform is also an economic imperative -- an essential step needed to strengthen our middle class, create new industries and new jobs, and make sure America remains competitive in the global economy.

(JS) it’s diabolical! In the immediately preceding paragraph, note the first sentence. It is just a liberal "trope": we care about all these persons’ sufferings (hey, I do too, dude). The next sentence ties liberalism in with economics, bit it appears to be done merely in a crass, rhetorical way. I don't see any real economic ideas there. This is gibberish. It's just a lot of posturing. It's empty. He tries to draw it out, to put certain daggers in certain demons' hearts. He wants to save the public from the first swamp merely to lead the public into a second swamp, and there they will get lost as well, as well as ever. It is Mr. O himself who is lost in a swamp. I feel like he is an embarrassment to his children. There is no reality to this. What is he doing? Isn't this "politics as usual"?
     This country is so completely built on lies. All you ever see is this kind of thing.
     So, thanks for the email, Mr. President. It tells the whole story about who you are. Bravely leading us into a swamp, with garbled rhetoric. Fooled again.

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