Thursday, August 11, 2011

Jeezes and Peeveses, pt. 2

     Why are persons so crass and superficial?

     America, of course, is unique. It is a system that allows the crass and superficial to rise to the top. I've got my fingers crossed.
     A related thing is that we shroud ourselves in pseudo-sophistication. That's an option, but still not the "real" sophistication.
     Can't we all be great? There's an idea called "Only In America."

     It is not possible. In fact in this culture it seems like one phony after another and this disease is more than just American, it's pan-European. This is, may I suggest, the problem of Europe. The Greeks relegate gods to a parallel or separate god-world. They do not confuse the mere mortals with the gods but, even if there is a separation, their god behavior is not so different from the mortals.

     We have problems today. Which ones? Well, problems of climate change, for example. And we've got economic problems -- OK? -- and we've got all kinds of political tyranny. And all over the world there are these problems.

     Can we trust mankind's vanity anymore? In a world where leaders don't call us to be humble? not ask for our virtue? Not when they vie for our vote they do not. How long will we last? How long will this world, with its tiny, vain actors, last? ---its haughty actors? Who believe they are gods.

     Words push their way into consciousness.

     Students stick gum underneath the desk.

     You go to MoonBeam or SunShine or StarKist, or whatever. There aren't any other places to go since Moonbeam locked up all the coffee markets or whatever, and now there isn't any more commons or whatever, and no town square or wherever it is that persons would congregate. So now no other places, which is to say aside from the commercial one. So you go to that one and you are disappointed: when you only find mere mortals.

                    (link): for context, see: Wednesday, July 13, 2011


  1. Jack,

    Will you try something? Will you read a couple of William Carlos William's poems (here is one location to find some - You have a very lyrical quality to your anger above. You have some really vivid and lovely and searing images juxtaposed with each other. They do make poetry, but it could be more spare and direct.

  2. By the way, I love the title Jeezes and Peeveses. It captures this perfectly.