Friday, August 5, 2011

Boehner, And "Agreement"

The agreement on the debt ceiling, says Boehner, will ..."end this crisis in a manner that meets our principles of small government."
     What will the impact be, then, of smaller government? What good is smaller government going to do? It is the economy that is the problem. In a capitalist economic system, or capitalistic society, the economy is NOT in the hands of government. What good is smaller government going to do?---what's Boehner's point?
     The goverment shall now cut about 1 or 2 hundred billion dollars of spending annually. How will that help the economy, particularly?
     Will the economy suddenly become freed from all that total government control that we have at present? If Boehner's point is that of smaller goverment, and he is the custodian of that point, or if that is his principle, then Boehner is saying of any potential economic crisis, "private sector to the rescue."
     Do the Republicans have some kind of plan for re-organizing the private sector? No. THat is up to Boeing and GM, and Caterpillar tractor. All they have to do is govern themselves, which is what they've already been doing; in other words, the private sector will take care of it automatically. I'm excited. I've always loved the corporations, you see, and now they are going to be our new heroes. Yeah! Go, private sector! Come on! Cheer! Be patriotic!

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